nC polymeroxid no crackpolymeroxid® nC

NO CRACK - an idea to solve an old problem!

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nC represents the latest variant within the polymeroxid® family. It is an extremely smooth layer with excellent wear-protective properties and does not exhibit the cracks typical of hard anodising. This makes polymeroxid®-nC predestined for hydraulic applications in mechanical engineering and racing, where microcracks repeatedly lead to sealing problems. Thus, seal seats are often masked or mechanically produced only after anodisation. Masking is not really process-safe and regularly leads to high reject rates. Subsequent machining is very cost-intensive and a lot can go wrong there, too. Many customers want a solution that makes these cumbersome procedures superfluous. As things stand, our special hard anodisation could solve this problem.

We currently assume that the development series will be completed by mid-2021 and that we will then be able to take the first steps in the market together with our customers and partners.

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