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Shot-blasting roboter
Shot-blasting machines

Work-pieces which are shot-blasted and then subsequently anodised pose great problems in many cases: Very common are a spotted appearance, a surface which is difficult to clean and an unpleasant feel to the surface.

In our shot-blasting department we use our own in-house development, the ceradal®-system. In our blasting cabinets we process exclusively aluminium, using a specially on the following process optimized  shot. So no foreign material can enter into them. The quality of the shot is continually monitored. Wide-jet high-performance nozzles ensure an absolutely homogenous surface appearance.
When the optional process of chemical polishing is used, the peaks of the macrostructure are off. As well as a highly decorative optical appearance, a markedly reduced adhesion of contaminants is achieved, comparable with the "Lotus-Effect", and this often finds application in medical technology. The ceradal® shot forms microfinish® (fine), M (medium) and XL (coarse) are available.

In addition to 3 pressure blasting systems, various automatic blasting machines are available to produce the highest surface quality with absolute reproducibility. Here, the blasting medium is applied to the rotating components by computer-controlled precision blast wheels. The process is carried out extremely gently and with previously unattainable repeatability. Different systems are available for different grit sizes, so that contamination due to a change of abrasive is impossible.

We would be delighted to produce a sample for you, in order to convince you of the high-quality optical appearance achieved by our process.

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