xH4 polymeroxid hard anodisingpolymeroxid® xH4

HIGHTECH-COMPOSITE-HARD ANODISING - Standard can be found elsewhere!

Materials: AlMgSi1, Specification: 50 µm polymeroxid®_xH4®
Materials: AlZnMgCu1,5, Specification: 25 µm polymeroxid®_xH4® schwarz
Materials: AlZnMgCu1,5, Specification: 50 µm polymeroxid®_xH4® + PTFE
Materials: AlMgSi1, Specification: 30 µm polymeroxid®_xH4®
Materials: AlMg4,5Mn, Specification: 50 µm polymeroxid®_xH4®

After a two-year development period and numerous test series in our technical laboratory, we are delighted to be able to present xH4® to you. This further development of our well-established and widely-used Type H is the best hard anodised coating in the market. The focus was on maximum wear-resistance together with the highest-possible smoothness. This has been achieved through the development of a completely new high-tech amino mixed acid electrolyte combined with an optimization of all the relevant process parameters.

xH4® outperforms the competition in the quality of all relevant properties by as much as 30%.


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In order to protect the very interesting material of aluminum against wear, we offer our polymeroxid-layer type XH4®. Through the development of a completely new polymeroxid®-matrix we could optimize virtually all application-specific properties fundamentally. The structure is modified by cross-linked polymers. This leads to the outstanding wear protection to an increased flexural fatigue strength, improved friction levels, the reduction of slip-stick effect also in protection against cold welding.

xH4® outperforms even the best coatings of our competitors as regards the quality of its special characteristics by as much as 30%.


Polymeroxid xH4

extreme hardness optimal abrasion protection good sliding behaviour high corrosion protection

Characteristics of hard anodising:

  • completely new polymeroxid®-matrix 
  • maximum abrasion resistance 
  • smoother layers than the competition 
  • maximum hardness of approx. 500 HV0, 25 (7075-T6) 
  • Reduction of the slip-stick effect 
  • very good friction properties 
  • protects against cold welding 
  • property of alternating bending strength


We coat all generally used wrought alloys with a copper content not exceeding 5%. The materials AlZnMgCu1,5 (7075) and AlMg4,5Mn (5083) are most suitable.

Dimensional accuracy:

The polymeroxid®-xH4® coating grows out of the base material by 40% of its total thickness (see diagram on left). A 50µm surface layer means therefore a growth of 20µm (or 40µm on diameter). The optimal coating thickness ranges between 30 and 50 μm.

Layer hardness:

The effective layer hardnesses are highly dependent on the materials used. For our xH4® process they are normally in the range above 500-520 MHV0,025 (7075 T6).

Areas of application:

• Automation technology • Electrical industry • Precision Engineering • Hydraulics • Food Industry • Aviation • Engineering • Medical Engineering• Military equipment • Off-shore applications • Petrochemical • Pharmaceutical • Pneumatics • Racing • Robotics • Textile industry • Packaging machines

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