Fischer Surface Technology Chamaeleon

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Your professionals for anodizing and hartcoating

As a dynamic company, we have specialized in aluminum finishing (anodizing/hard anodizing) of precision parts from race sport and precision engineering.

The following technologies and processes are constantly available in highest quality:

  • masking
  • basting / automatic blasting
  • anodizing
  • gloss anodizing
  • color anodizing
  • hard anodizing / hard coating 
  • polymeroxide®
  • PTFE coating
  • laser marking

Please contact our team with questions on these topics already in the planning phase. Take advantage of our expertise in the areas of material recommendation, application fields, coating optimization, standards (aviation, automotive, defense), mechanical or chemical pre- and post-treatment options at any time. We will be happy to answer all your questions on the subject of surface treatment at any time.

Surface is our passion!