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On our fot-tracking website, we activate the current production statuses for you in real time. After entering a password, every customer now has an overview of the status of their order at all times. You can see here in which production process your components are at the current time. In addition to anodising and hard anodising, you will also receive information on mechanical pre- and post-treatments, PTFE sealing or laser marking. Of course, all of this is for information purposes only and will occasionally show you if an order hangs up for some reason. In these cases, please contact the work preparation department and together we can find out what the problem is and whether there are any possibilities for remedial action or acceleration.

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As a contract service manager, our production is always subject to permanent fluctuations in capacity utilisation. These fluctuations range between 75% and 200%, which can never really be compensated for, even with certain reserve capacities. All other subcontractors, such as hardening shops and grinding shops, have the same problem. Of course, we always have to be able to help our good customers if something goes wrong at their premises. (Machine downtime, delays due to faulty production, order postponement at the end customer, trade fair appearances, etc.) These urgent services then inevitably have an impact on all other orders in production. For our top customers, 2 key accounts are permanently available who can always be contacted directly and provide information about the current situation.

In addition, we are currently working on a dynamic production planning system which, with the help of artificial intelligence, continuously reacts to fluctuations in capacity utilisation and unforeseeable situations. The planning module has been in development for over a year now and employs 2 programmers full-time. We hope to be able to carry out the major changeover to the new technology this year and expect a massive improvement in the area of adherence to deadlines, transparency of order events and flexibility. The processing of 15-20,000 orders with up to 30 order items and the most diverse combinations of mechanical and anodic processes is an enormous challenge that we can only meet with the help of the ERP system planO that we have developed. Here, planning and production control are the focus of our annual software investments of 100-150 thousand euros!

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