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Our complete team comprises 35 qualified employees for management, work preparation, accounting and logistics. 25 qualified specialists alone are available for masking, blasting, anodising, hard anodising and laser marking.

In-house training and further education are of great importance, as anodising and hard anodising are practically absent from the standard training of galvanisers. We have to impart all the necessary expertise via many training packages, which are managed in an extremely comprehensive qualification matrix. In addition to metallurgy, anodic processes, plant technology and chemical pre- and post-treatments, the training courses also cover the extensive QA structure at Fischer Oberflächentechnik GmbH. Since we anodise many millions of components every year, many of which have to meet extreme requirements in terms of appearance and/or technical properties, in-house training is a key element. Since the effort to bring the employees up to the necessary level of qualification is very high and therefore also expensive, we try to avoid staff fluctuation.

We pay our staff very well and thus the whole team has existed in its composition for years, sometimes for decades. We consciously regard our company as a family business and that is how it is run. Every employee is an important part of the large FISCHER family and is treated as such. You can buy a machine new - a good anodiser or hard anodiser does not grow on trees ...

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