Surface technology for the fine mechanics


Our in-house laser marking service works with one of the most modern Nd:YAG machines on the market from , which is equipped with all conceivable options. We can provide your components with any decorative markings such as company logo, article number, production information, data matrix or barcode. By using a C-axis we can also apply the laser engravings on circumferences. Since anodized parts from other locations are often marked anyway, the logistics and time required can now be significantly reduced. This is all the more important as almost everything is in a hurry nowadays! Our system is equipped with controlled X,Y and C-axis, which allows us to describe surfaces up to 1300x450mm.

A special highlight of our laser is the MOPA function. This enables us to apply deep black, reproducible markings on anodised aluminium, which was previously not possible.

Of course we can also mark workpieces for you that are not made of aluminium!

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