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Anodizing and hard anodizing - that is our passion!

As a medium-sized company, we have specialized in the anodizing and hard anodizing of fine mechanical workpieces from racing, precision engineering and mechanical engineering. We are available with our advice already in the planning phase - because only by choosing the most suitable anodizing alloy and an anodizing process adapted to it, an optimal result can be achieved. Take advantage of our expertise in the areas of material recommendations, areas of application, standardization (aerospace, automotive, military), mechanical or chemical pre- and post-treatment options. We are also available to answer any other questions you may have on the subject of surfaces and can often recommend excellent partners in the field of electroplating.

Our production team consists of 25 people. Unusual for this size of company are our development activities. In addition to inventing innovative anodizing and hard anodizing processes, such as our xH4® and LF4, we are very involved in process automation, control programming and software development.

Many technologies unknown to our market competitors are standard with us. Our dyes are treated with UV stabilizers. As a result, we achieve a very high resistance even with organic dyes and thus effectively prevent the fading of these colors, which are otherwise of little pleasure when used outdoors. We have a fully automated process data management system in which we collect all coating information and archive it for 10 years. With every delivery you will receive a free process certificate for your anodized or hard anodized components, which contains all relevant production parameters that were applied. If difficulties should ever arise, we are always sure to be able to identify the causes, provided they are actually to be found in the anodizing process. You can view the production status yourself online in real time using our tracking function! 



As you can see, work is not a necessary evil for us, but a hobby and a passion. We are always ready for you. Challenge us!

We would be happy to do the following tasks for you:

  • Masking (sealing with a wide variety of plugs, applying protective coatings or plotted stickers, clearing EMC-relevant areas by laser)
  • Blasting or automatic blasting in one of our 5 facilities
  • Anodizing / anodization / bright anodizing / colored anodizing
  • Hard anodizing / hard anodization / hard coating / hart coating
  • Coating with our patented polymeroxid®-process in the variants xH4, LF4 or nC
  • PTFE coating
  • Laser marking

IHAA Approval Seal Type IIIIHAA Approval Seal Type IIASTMISO certified company